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Fusion 2330 Sugar Beet Brine Solution in Bulk

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Liquid Deicer is a sugar beet-based product that is blended at a 70/30 ratio with salt brine. It is a powerful anti-icing solution known for its versatility...


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Fusion Liquid De-icer is a sugar beet based product that can be mixed with traditional salt, sand or chloride brines to improve performance and impact on the environment.

Fusion Liquid De-icer can be used by itself or blended with salt brine, to create a powerful anti-icing solution. Known for its versatile ice control performance, Fusion works at temperatures where salt brines alone are no longer effective.

Fusion Liquid De-icer performs more effectively than traditional salt brines or potassium acetate alone, thus requiring a lesser amount of product to achieve the same if not better results. This means improved efficiency, more lane km coverage per truckload and less equipment corrosion.

Fusion 2330 Liquid De-icer can be used on many surfaces to anti-ice 48-3 hours before snowfall.

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