Why coated seed is costing you more

Grass Seed

Clover and alfalfa, two common legumes benefit from inoculants. Grasses do NOT benefit.

You may have read about ‘coated seed’ from other brands. Our seed is not coated, and here’s why:

Inoculants, also referred to as “coating”, can be beneficial. Strains of naturally-occurring soil bacterial that improve nitrogen availability to a plant as it grow. However, more and more of these “coatings” are simply corn starch or talc.

Read the tag. Bags of seed have tags with information about the content of the bag. It specifies the amount of “inert” contents, contents which is not seed in the bag. Some companies have gotten around this by calling it “coating material”. It should be no more than 2%. If the bag of seed states it has 50% inert material, it’s telling you that half of that heavy bag isn’t seed, meaning you’ll have to buy twice as many bags to get the seed density you need.