Brine Application

Hidden Brine Application Boom


This year, we will be releasing our brand new Hidden Boom. We were tired of having a flimsy spray boom installed in the hitch of our trucks. They’d been broken, caught on sign posts, backed into and got in the way often; not to mention they don’t look good on our trucks. Our new design is meant to be installed once and left on. Spray nozzles are kept out of harms way so they will not be broken. Everything looks neat and tidy. This also leaves the open the hitch port for a small spreader, giving you the option to spread salt on slopes and high risk areas.

More in the coming month!

Bulk Soil

Natura, offers soil in bulk, for delivery at bulk rates. Contact us to discuss your large projects, as we would be happy to provide you with a discounted rate on quantity orders.

We offer screened topsoil, triple mix, sandy soil, clay soil, as well as unscreened cleanfil.

Note: Minimum quantity for bulk discount is 60 cu. yards.


Excess Soil, Reuse and New Regulation

If you’re confused by the new regulations around the import and export of soil and what it all means for your company, we’re here to help.

Natura, is located in Brantford, ON. Soil is our business. We’re here to make your job easier, and help make your job sites run smoothly. We offer import and export guidance, pickup and delivery services as well as mobile screening to promote the reuse of soils on-site, mitigate excessive costs associated with the import and export of excess materials and minimize the effects on our environment.

Landscape Design Example

Design Services

Not sure where to start? We can help. Natura now offers landscape design consulting service, offering 2D and 3D, complete renderings of what your landscape will look like. Prices start at only $600.

Choosing the flowers, positioning the trees; these can be tough decisions. With our software, we can show you, in detail, what your new landscape will look like at noon, or six o’clock, as the sun begins to set, while you’re enjoying a freshly grilled steak by the pool.

For Landsacapers, providing visual aids can greatly increase the chances of selling a job. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It is difficult for customers to visualize your ideas and now they don’t have to. We’ll work with you to convey that information for you, with a high-quality rendering of the plan!

Grass Seed

Why coated seed is costing you more

Clover and alfalfa, two common legumes benefit from inoculants. Grasses do NOT benefit.

You may have read about ‘coated seed’ from other brands. Our seed is not coated, and here’s why:

Inoculants, also referred to as “coating”, can be beneficial. Strains of naturally-occurring soil bacterial that improve nitrogen availability to a plant as it grow. However, more and more of these “coatings” are simply corn starch or talc.

Read the tag. Bags of seed have tags with information about the content of the bag. It specifies the amount of “inert” contents, contents which is not seed in the bag. Some companies have gotten around this by calling it “coating material”. It should be no more than 2%. If the bag of seed states it has 50% inert material, it’s telling you that half of that heavy bag isn’t seed, meaning you’ll have to buy twice as many bags to get the seed density you need.

Early Morning at Natura

Starting new opening hours!

I’m here, bright and early this morning, getting ready for a busy end to a strange week.

With snow on Wednesday, and highs of 17°, what can possibly be expected this season?

You can expect Natura to have the materials you need for your garden and landscaping projects, that’s what!


April 17th 2021 Update

We’re still open.

Landscaping services are listed as a permitted service. Garden centres are permitted to be open for: in-person retail; one person permitted in our store at a time, please. We’re now open between 7am and 4pm; curbside pick-up, loading; and delivery.

The new restrictions will put extra demands on our business. Please be patient as we may be slow getting back to you.